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Hiccup cosplay, from how to train your dragon two.

Omg that’s beautiful

Pretty Cool Webcomics: Bettencourt Hotel


Bettencourt Hotel is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by RP and JessI! It updates once a week, on Fridays.

Recently kicked out of his house with no job, no money, and now no girlfriend, Lucky Ripner is desperate for work. Searching around, he ends up being accepted as the newest worker in the Bettencourt Hotel, where the boarding is free, the rooms and staff are pleasant - and no guests are allowed to leave their room between midnight and 2am. If they do… well. There’s a reason Lucky was asked if he can handle the sight of blood.

Desperate to put a stop to the dark deeds taking place, Lucky ends up learning more and more about the hotel and its manager, the mysterious (and charismatic) Oliver. Can Lucky manage to escape and put an end to the Bettencourt’s blood-soaked legacy? Or will his growing bond with Oliver turn him into yet another accepting pawn?

There’s a concept called the banality of evil - the idea that horrible evil acts are committed mainly by people who accept their situation and see their actions as necessary or even normal. It’s an concept that can have great effect in dystopian and horror genres, and Bettencourt Hotel manages to explore it well. The initial horror of Lucky’s revelations about the hotel and how the staff accepts them as routine is a great contrast, and sets up the overarching conflict between Lucky’s desire to stop what’s happening (or at least escape) and a gradual desensitization as he struggles to keep up with his new friends and coworkers.

The effect ends up being a story that’s dark and suspenseful, with effective use of shock and a mix between the supernatural and the pressure to conform. With psychological themes, dark spectres, and a fair amount of “boy’s love” overtones, Bettencourt Hotel is a good story for anyone wanting a combination of the three.

Bettencourt Hotel features violence and gore, foul language, and occasional sexual themes, and is suitable for older teens and up.

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music: Oliver Tank - Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion

Its so sweet!

J-pop America Fun Time Now.


A snl skit, which i bet is old and im just late…. its funny lols

The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley (OVER 40 MEMES IN ONE SONG)


World of Cosplay for Noobs 02

another video, just as funny….oh and at 3:54 its funny XD

World of Cosplay for Noobs 01

A really old video of some anime convention…but its the funny! even better if u have been to an anime convention lol X3

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